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Our evaluation of online reputation management services involved finding a business with some reputation problems, including numerous complaints, search engine optimization (SEO) issues and poor social media interaction and so on.We evaluated each company for the depth of the analysis as well as the focus and approach in the proposal. Other factors we considered were speed of response and the quality of the phone consultation. We assessed how well the sales representative answered our questions, how up front he or she was about costs, and whether or not we received specific information on methodologies of results. We evaluated privacy by asking services for references to see how easily they provided the names of current or previous customers. It's important that your main website shows up first on web searches, so the best online reputation management companies will analyze your site and make recommendations.However, having a single website, no matter how perfect, will not alone create a strong reputation.A proactive approach to the matter consists of monitoring your public reputation on a regular basis, and not just when you come to know about a specific event to deal with. How do you do this? The magic tools invented to solve this problem fall under the name of “social media monitoring.” Your online reputation matters! One bad review can undermine what you’ve worked hard to build.If there are one or two bad reviews about your business, use the methods listed here to take back your brand. If there’s a bunch of reviews…it might be time to think about a new career! Finally your reputation is one of your most important assets. Yet it's easier than ever to fall victim to negative reviews or commentary that hurts your reputation. Learn how online management services can help you.