Website Design – The Soul of Your Online Figure:

The Image that appears online is the outcome of combined ideas and solutions provided by a web design company that understands your business which makes us able to formulate a unique idea to enhance more in terms of ROI and future projections. Your position and image as a Brand on Web is dependent on how your design studio highlights you. Is your design studio giving you the right exposure that you need to expand? Are you getting your expected outcomes? Give it an insightful thought!

Let us boost you to take your business to where it supposed to be. Taking the benefits of the cutting edge technological tools and our web designers’ creativity, we offer you with a website design that is distinctive, user-friendly, world standard, professional, user-focused as well as guaranteed return from your investment with us. Website design literally is at the core of your online branding, existence and positioning. It integrates all the different aspects of your business strategies together on the Web. It assists you to manage, to distribute and to share your services and offerings more effectively and efficiently. It helps you to improve customer care and build rapport with your existing and potential clients. It is often the first move to make a place or to make room to start, whether you are launching a newly developed product or service, or you are looking for a responsive website.

At ServiceBPO, we provide comprehensive and client focused web design services for small to big-sized businesses. We develop anything from responsive website designs for exceedingly identifiable product brands to data-driven Web-based systems.

·         We provide Creative Services and Branding

·         We develop Mobile device (smart phones and tabs) supportive websites with Responsive web design techniques

·         Content Management methods such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

·         Browser supportability, Accessibility, Navigability, Readability and Usability are the instinctive ‘abilities’ of each of the website we build

·         Typography, Colors, high-end technologies like XML, XHTML, Ajax, CSS, Flash, PHP, etc., is regular affairs at TGC.

·         SEO, Inbound marketing and Mobile application development are also provided by us to give you a complete 360 degree range of services

We fully recognize the fact that in a highly competitive business world a well-designed website is the most prevailing and prized marketing tool for your company. Working closely with your philosophies and requests, united with extensive research and industry knowledge, our web designers form a simple web design from a mere appearance to influential business tools.

If you already have a design and want to transform that to a complete web site, our web designers can help. We offer PSD to xHTML conversion service at an affordable rate and quick turnaround.

Responsive Web Design to Make Your Website More Attractive in All types of Devices

In recent years there has been a significant change in the habit of website consumers. The switch to mobile devices is happening at a rapid rate. Today, about 30% of web traffic is from mobile devices; therefore, making a vast mobile website should be a top priority for all website venders. But there are thousands of mobile devices with different screen resolutions and operating systems. Creating different versions of the website for all those and maintaining them would be an incredible and challenging undertaking for anybody. The solution is to make a website that works simultaneously on all devices in the current market and all potential devices in future. A reactive web design uses “media queries” to find out the resolution of different device where it’s being served on. Flexible images and liquid grids resize the website appropriately to fit with the screen of diverse devices. Our specialist team can build your website by using Responsive Web Design method. If you already have a website and do not want to redesign it – we can still make it Responsive as well. Do not lag behind the curve, Get your website done with Responsive Web Design technique by vivid flash technology.

Website Redesign, Maintenance and Support:

·         In today’s business world it is not enough to just have a website. The competition is breakneck and experts agree that website performances should be evaluated endlessly and the site’s design and functionality polished. The website should be modernized and enhanced on a regular basis in order to out play the competitors.

·         You may already have a website that is not performing as you intended, or it may be experiencing difficulties and is challenged with bugs and dead links. Whether they are designed with related problems or coding, we can help you by giving your online venture a face-lift and adding new, exciting features.

·         If you already have a web site and are looking for someone else to sustain and update the site on a regular basis, we can aid you. We can work with existing web site layouts, formats, and compositions, file organization, and implement updates as specified on behalf of you.

·         We can instruct you on how to make a Grade A website. How to improve, bringing users to the site and convert them into paying customers.

·         Whether it is new advanced features, functionality, content update, or an eye catching face-lift your website desires in order to enhance your online image, you should get our website redesign services. If a thorough overhaul of your website is what you need, keep in mind that your visitors need an eye-catching look, as well as a persuasive and influential message and we can provide you just that.

·         Get a Free Web Design Cost Estimate or you can try our Web Design Cost Calculator to get an idea on how much your next website may cost.